THE CORN GARGLE Q - Bain de bouche Naturel

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Bain de Bouche Naturel en bouteille - 500ml
- With having an eye on raw ingredients those have potent effects of dental and oral health -- corn silk extract, which is good for gum health, green tea extract, xylitol, licorice, and red ginseng -- and green tea gargle method used to keep oral health traditionally, we manufactured with recent technology: a brand-new concept oral care product. By discharging harmful germs, bacteria, and cavity inducing germs,
which inflict fatal harm to dental and oral health, this product solves of the very root of oral health.
The excellent oral care product, which contains natural ingredients
and provides cavity prevention and bad breath removal as well as gum disease prevention, is “The Corn Gargle Q”.
▪ Benefits and Effects
■ Prevents cavity
■ Keeps oral hygiene and give refreshing effect
■ Keeps teeth white and strong
■ Helps teeth to be more aesthetic
■ Removes bad breath
▪ Product Characteristics
- isolates, absorbs and discharges food residue and dirt
- keeps dental and oral health only by three 30- second uses a day, (after meals and before sleep) (10-15 ml per use)
☞ Don’t need to be gargled; keeping it in mouth just works well
☞ Brand-new concept oral care

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