NACIFIC Origin Red Salicylic Acid Spot Cream 20ml

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Spot cream Origin Red Salicylic Acid Serum of the brand NACIFIC is a quick soothing and restorative solution to pimples and inflammation. The Green Synergy effect of the patented ingredient and Centella Asiatica extract quickly soothes irritated skin and strengthens the weakened skin barrier. It also contains niacinamide, a whitening ingredient, and adenosine, an anti-wrinkle ingredient that helps fade away any scars.

How to use it :
As the last step of the routine, apply an appropriate amount to the pimple or inflammation.
Step of the routine: 

Step 1: Remove make-up from your face with a make-up remover | Step 2: Cleanse face with water cleanser | Step 3: Prepare your skin with a toner | Step 4: Exfoliate your skin | Step 5: Energize your skin with a mask | Step 6: Target your care with a concentrate of active ingredients | Step 7: Moisturize your skin with a day cream | Step 8: Take care of your eye contour | Step 9: Protect your skin with an SPF