INNISFREE Airy Eyeshadow Palette

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Modèles Palette: Orange Beige
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INNISFREE Airy Eyeshadow Palette

Airy Eyeshadow Palette of the brand INNISFREE is an eye shadow palette with a light and soft application. The textures are light and bring a watercolor effect to the eyes. Sparkling and fresh colors are perfect for everyday.

There Airy Eyeshadow Palette is available in two models: Mauve Pink and Peach Beige

The models
Application Tips

Matte shades can be applied with brushes on the upper and lower lids. Compact yet airy powder glides on lightly and gently. For a more sustained and sparkling finish, the glitter shades can be applied directly with the finger rather than with a brush. Glitter and textures stick less well to the fibers of the brush.