KBeauty Box October 2021

KBeauty Box Ma Petite Corée
Autumn is well established and the new KBeauty Box through My Little Korea has arrived ! Discover this new Box with makeup in an ultra limited edition and Korean eye treatment. Thanks to this box KBeauty makeup always stays on top and radiant complexion this fall!
KBeauty Box Ma Petite Corée


A favorite gift box from the VT COSMETICS brand. In collaboration with the successful group BTS, the set presents two liptints and a foundation in cushion format. Liptints have a creamy texture and rich hues, perfect for the season. Liptints offer a matte and velvet effect while hydrating the lips to enhance the look. The cushion is therefore a foundation in a pad. It allows a thin layer to be applied and applied flawlessly to the skin. This is the favorite format of Korean women! As it is a collaboration with BTS, we even slipped small photocards into the Box !



This eye cream contains gold extract and three types of collagens. The formula brings radiance, nutrition and firmness to the eye contours. Gold is an ingredient known and recognized to limit the appearance of wrinkles. The texture of the cream is light and penetrates quickly into the skin. The composition is pretty good according to Hwahae, the composition study app. Warning, we note the presence of perfume in the formula.

Usage tips : Take an appropriate amount and on clean skin, allow it to penetrate in light movements. Massage is essential to activate blood circulation.



The SKINFOOD brand made its debut on My Little Korea recently. SKINFOOD is known to use all the powers of food in face and body care lines. This line of sheet masks with different vegetables extracted by the French "Sous vide" method. It helps to retain all the nutrients in food. The sheetmasks line is available in toner, essence or emulsion formula!

To find this mask, RDV on this link !

Usage tips : On clean skin and after applying a toner, put the sheetmask on the face. Keep it for 10 to 20 minutes then massage to penetrate the remaining formula. Above all, do not rinse.



Kombucha is a fermented drink with multiple benefits. It promotes digestion, transit and the immune system. TEAZEN brand powder sticks are low in calories. Their fruit aroma brings a little addictive touch to this drink.

Usage tips : In a large glass of water, mix a stick with 250ml of plain water or sparkling water. Do not shake the drink to mix it if using sparkling water!

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