Innisfree's Bija Trouble review


Today we come back with a review on an exceptional range of products for problem skin, such as acne. INNISFREE is known and recognized for its products whose natural ingredients come from the island of JEJU. The brand also offers care for all skin types and conditions. The set we are going to present is perfect for acne-prone skin and is made from the seed extract of Bija.


Bijarim Forest is a forest located on Jeju Island and where the famous Torreya nucifera. These are trees of Japanese origin which therefore also grow on Jeju and from which the seeds are collected. Bija in Korean. These are edible but they are mainly used to fight against acne disorders! Bija Seed Oil is said to speed the healing of troubled skin and seems to be the almost silver bullet! It is a very little known oil in France, and INNISFREE would seem to be the only brand that works with it. At Ma Petite Korea, we wanted to test this range via the Bija Trouble Skin Care Set and confirm!


This set is one of the many sets offered by INNISFREE and it consists of: toner (200mL), lotion (100mL) and facial cleanser (100mL). We are therefore on a beautiful box with standard sizes, and not travel type. This set offers the essential products of layering according to the Koreans but the range is of course more complete. In addition to these three products, INNISFREE also offers an essence for spots, a gel, a gel cleanser, patches and balm. But the set is the basis, the rest is perfect if you want to complete this new skincare routine!


When we say that Bija seed are miraculous, we confirm it! I tested the INNISFREE set one evening all over my face, when my cheeks were covered in hormone-type acne and the next day, visible lessening of newer pimples, even some scars. The three associated products calmed inflammation and deeply purified the skin. It was much sharper and less graying even from the first application. I first washed my face with the foaming cleanser and then applied the toner to rebalance the skin. The lighter lotion works as a moisturizer.

The smell of the foaming cleanser is quite pleasant and when you massage your face with it, you can feel a real sensation of very pleasant freshness. As if the skin was purified. For the toner, we also find this smell of freshness, purifying plants and just with this, we know that our skin will be well treated! I was worried that the toner would dry out the skin a bit too much since it is an acne treatment but not at all, it is very soft and hydrating. I use the toner every morning and night, as well as the lotion and cleanser only at night.

My skin has a lot less pimples and feels smoother over the days. These treatments regulate sebum production for healthier, less dull skin, without inflammation and small pimples. For all acne-prone skin, we recommend this range of INNISFREE with closed eyes! It is rare that we can find care to fight acne without drying the skin in the process, apart from products in drugstores of course. This line is quite affordable and delivers on its promises to treat mild to moderate acne. Attention, the heavier acne requires a consultation with a dermatologist.


We first push our analysis by looking at the composition of these three products. Because yes, for the first time in our reviews, we will be using the "Hwahae" application which analyzes the composition of skincares! In the following charts, this is the EWG scale, blue means: low level of risk; orange: intermediate and red, high level of risk.

INNISFREE Toner Bija Seed

The INNISFRE cleanser Bija Seed

INNISFREE lotion Bija Seed

The red is due to a high fragrance content in all three products, but in general there is a good composition. The app also advises younger people not to use these products but overall the reviews are pretty positive!

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