Today we present the Korean brand R828 and its unique range Super Repair. This range is composed of a serum and a day cream with anti-wrinkle and moisturizing actions. It also has power over dark spots that appear with age. We retain from this range that it is composed of 20 natural ingredients, rated EGW GREEN; they are therefore not harmful to the skin. 


The brand's SUPER REPAIR range R828 mainly uses two ingredients: Gluthation and Galactomyce in its serum and cream. What are their benefits on the skin?

Gluthation : It is an antioxidant that is naturally present in the body. It preserves cells and acts on cell slowing down. This protein declines with age, exposing cells to the dangers of free radicals.

Galactomyces : these are yeasts rich in vitamins, minerals and probiotics. They act on the reduction of pigment spots, radiance of the complexion, pores and reduction of imperfections. They help get rid of dead cells.



This asset booster is therefore a light-textured serum, without being too runny and completely colorless. There is no smell, therefore no presence of perfume; it is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

The 50mL packaging is a very thick glass bottle with a pressure pipette to extract the serum drop by drop.

A few drops are enough and it penetrates the skin very quickly by massaging it gently. There is no greasy or shiny film after application. We feel that the skin is more plump and softer too. We see a difference in the light, the epidermis is more radiant. We find this effect of skin glass, very famous in Korea.


The R828 cream from the SUPER REPAIR range has a thicker texture, which is also very comfortable. It owes this texture to the presence of shea butter which deeply nourishes the skin. It is also odorless and colorless.

After trying it for several nights, I was afraid of the possible appearance of pimples due to the presence of shea butter but no negative effects to note. 

The skin is immediately softer and smoother when you apply the cream, but also more plump. The next day, the complexion is brighter and the dark circles smaller too. The eyes are more awake too, my little dehydration lines around the eyes have diminished. It’s a good surprise!

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