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Every year, ETUDE the Korean make-up and cosmetics brand celebrates the Lunar New Year with a limited collection! After the tiger and its collaboration with TIGER MUSIC in 2022 it's the rabbit's turn to be celebrated this year! For the occasion, ETUDE unveiled three ranges of cosmetics for this collection: eye palettes, lipsticks and face care.

🐰 Play Color Eyes Palette BT21 !

bt21 etude play color eyes

Korean makeup brands usually design palettes and lipsticks according to skin tone while highlighting this make-up practice. ETUDE accompanies women and men to know their style by starting on the best foundations.

The famous range of Play Color Eyes palettes comes in several formats depending on the number of shades. For the BT21 2023 edition, these are two new Play Color Eyes in six very soft shades: #1 Cooky On Top and #2 New Year Party. A small palette that slips everywhere and allows you to touch up your makeup at any time thanks to its integrated double brush. Like all ETUDE palettes, the shades are matte and glitter for everyday yet sophisticated makeup. Cooky On Top features on its packaging the adorable Cooky, the character drawn by JungKook in a rabbit costume. New Year Party brings together all the BT21 characters, also dressed in a small costume of the sign of the year 2023.

With its pink packaging, the eye palette Cooky On Top is intended for cold undertones with its rosy and icy shades with dreamy names. We have a crush on the Purple Crystal shade, purple glitter that blends into the skin to shine with a thousand lights. This Play Color Eyes Palette reminds us of winter and the holidays, a pretty nugget from the ETUDE brand!

Warm undertones also have their palette with New Year Party ! A pretty matte and glitter palette mixing peach and brown shades. Peach Champagne which offers a matte effect with a hint of glitter puts stars in our eyes! Although the colors are warm, the lightness and softness of the shades make us capsize!

To apply it, ETUDE recommends using the double brush for the matte shades and the finger for the glitter so that they stand out better on the eyelids.

🐰 Fixing Tint BT21 !

etude fixing tint bt21

The famous ETUDE brand lip tint launched in 2020 was made popular for its non-transferring promise on the mask. The Liptint Fixing Tint has been declined in multiple shades to highlight all mouths. We love its matte effect which does not damage the lips and smoothes them thanks to its moisturizing formula. 

This new edition presents the six favorite shades from previous collections in a BT21 version! The names have morphed to fit BTS's seven little characters. The Cooky On Top color is new, a pretty soft and pastel color that highlights cool complexions. 

Shades #1 Sleepy Koya (Soft Walnut), #2 Peach RJ (Mellow Peach) et #3 Milk Tea Shooky (Ginger Milk Tea) are perfect for warm undertones. The brick and coral shades bring warmth to the face and harmonize perfectly. 

Shades #4 Dancing Mang (Analog Rose) et #6 Cranberry Tata (Cranberry Plum) are for neutral skin tones. That is to say the skins that are between hot and cold.

For cold undertones, ETUDE recommends pink and soft shades. The novelty of this edition is the new color of the Fixing Tint: Cooky On Top. A light pink with a very soft matte effect that will go perfectly with the summer mood. Our favorite ♥️ of this collection because it recalls the color of the character Cooky from BT21!

🐰 Soonjung BT21 !

The favorite range of the ETUDE brand, Soonjung, is also dressed for this new collection. Again, no change in the formula, The Toner regulates the pH of sensitive skin by providing intense hydration. It reduces the feeling of tightness after cleansing while soothing the skin. The Panthenol and Madecassoside duo comes to the rescue of skins that react to external stimuli. The little must, the Soonjung toner is labeled VEGAN 🌱 

With the same formula, the day cream hydrates the skin at 92% and strengthens the skin barrier to maintain the level of hydration. 


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