L'ATELIER DES CAHIERS - Croquis de Corée

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Korea fascinates more and more people and books on this country are multiplying. They often abound in platitudes or paint the portrait of an idealized country. This country, long ignored, is now known for its conglomerates, such as the giants Samsung and Hyundai, but also for its cultural breakthroughs: its cinema is on view at the biggest festivals and K-Pop hits are in almost every the playlists. However, Korea is also something else and this illustrated book will reveal everything you need to know about Korean culture past and present beyond the clichés.
This book is the result of a meeting between two French people in love with Korea: an anthropologist and an artist. They drew on their accumulated experiences living in the Land of the Morning Calm to create this collection. Metrosexual dandies, plastic beauties, thousand-year-old Buddhist monasteries, shamanic rituals, women in their fifties wearing panoramic visors, metro cars crowded with student fanatics for selfies… all these aspects of daily life and many more of this ancient culture are covered in this book.
Through these 47 themes, you will discover everything you need to know about Korea in the 21st century, from the latest trends to traditional culture, from customs to art and religion. All these themes are illustrated by the sketches of Elodie Dornand de Rouville, who was able to capture the daily life of Koreans without forgetting to add a touch of humor.

Texts by Benjamin Joinau
Illustrated by Elodie Dornand de Rouville