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Hello, this is the MLK Team, behind your Korean Beauty Box !

We are a group of Korean Beauty lovers based in Seoul, South Korea. Since we know how great and diverse the K-Beauty products are, we wanted to make them easily accessible to the rest of the world ! That is why we started making Beauty Boxes, with the best skincare and make-up products straight from Seoul.

The idea was to give people outside of Korea the chance to enjoy those products, and to take better care of their skin. Skincare has been an important focus on the Korean scene for years, and Korean brands became experts in creating a wide selection of products for all skin types. We studied all these different options available to compose our Beauty Boxes and help your skin be the best it has ever been !

Our team takes great care in making sure that your beauty box is personalized to your skin type, with high quality products !

What started as a simple project focused to France, grew bigger and bigger thanks to our community love and support. Now, with our knowledge and experience creating and sending our Beauty Boxes to Europe, we are fully ready to ship those amazing products to more parts of the world ! We work to provide you each month with the best skincare products adapted to your skin !

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