Korean beauty box - February

Box KBeauty : February Box

Love, Love 💖 Love is in the air! The K-Beauty Boxes for February are here! 

Lots of skincare this month! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we decided to embrace the Love Yourself philosophy! In the previous KBeauty Box, we included a bit more make-up than skincare. But this month, we switched! So get ready to take care of yourself and get beautiful with glitter on the eyelids 💖 

Let’s discover this February Beauty Box!

💖 Twinkle Pearly Shadow – Nature Republic

Liquid eyeshadow? Here it is and you can apply it on your eyes with its brush! We love the classy packaging with the long, tanned brush, very comfortable to apply. The texture is not too liquid, so the eyeshadow does not run on the skin and dries well! Still, try to avoid rubbing your eyes! It would be silly to ruin your makeup.

The color is between a soft brown and bronze. The amount of glitter is perfect, it’s neither too much nor too little! The eyes are illuminated from the first brushstroke! You can put it on your mobile eyelid, or under the eye. Think of reducing the quantity with the brush to avoid having too much product on the eye! It’s light and very pretty, we love this product!

💖 Collagen Impact Eye Mask – Wellderma

We talked about it in one of our Instagram posts, and here they are in our Kbeauty Box! These flexible masks can be applied to different areas of the face. You can put them under the eyes, in the nasolabial folds (smiling lines), lion wrinkles or the neck!

After cleansing and toning, remove the patch with the spatula and then put on the skin. They must be kept 20 to 30 minutes, the perfect opportunity to relax with the latest BTS album.

After this, remove them and make sure to not rinse! The patches moisturize the skin, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and the puffy eye effect.

💖 Calendula Calming Cream – Graymelin


Here is a perfect cream for dry skin! It contains shea butter and caluerpa lentillifer, a kind of seaweed that looks like small grapes and is native to Japan. This seaweed is known in cosmetics to be a film-forming agent, which means that it can prevent water from evaporating from the skin. Of course, we no longer have to introduce shea butter!

The gel texture really surprised and amazed us. It’s a rather rare texture for a cream for dry skin. The skin quickly absorbs the cream, which helps maintaining the right oils for a long time! Dry skin is therefore in super good health.

💖 Sheet Mask – PUCCA​

We all know Pucca! And it’s back with adorable sheet masks! As always, clean your skin, apply toner and keep the mask on for 10 to 20 minutes!

💖 Goodies

What about the goodies? As always, a little pair of socks, because it’s way too cute!

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