Our Korean obsession wont be complete without watching Korean-based TV shows. But.. Aigoo! Some of us don’t speak Korean and it can be a problem. My comprehension is limited only to the phrases and words I picked from watching subtitled K Dramas.

Thank goodness I found Asia’s Heartbeat Arirang. Arirang TV/Radio is a public service with focus on audience members like me who likes Korean culture but does not speak the language! Now, I can understand them because they are in English!’

How to Watch:

Country Service Provider Platform Website
United States DIRECTV Satellite http://www.directv.com
KXLA DTV (LA) http://www.kxlatv.com
WRNN DTV (New York) http://www.rnntv.com
KBC DTV (Chicago)
KEMS DTV (San Francisco) http://www.kemstv.com
KMPT DTV (San Francisco) http://www.kmtp.tv
GKTV Cable (Guam)
KBFD DTV (Hawaii) http://www.kbfd.com
TVK24 Cable (9 states including California) http://www.tvk24.com
MKTV Cable (New York) http://www.mediakoreatv.com
MHz DTV (Washingtonc DC) http://www.mhznetworks.org

Source: http://www.arirang.co.kr/prroom/howtowatch2.asp?sys_lang=Eng

I used to be a Directv customer and that’s where I discovered Arirang.

Another option is of course, YouTube.  Here’s an example of my favorite TV shows on Arirang.

My Little Kitchen – One of my favorite cooking shows. I love this show! Simple, short and sweet! Does the chef look familiar? Sure he does! His name is Fabien Corbineau. Also known as Fabien. He speaks French, English and Korean fluently. He has a cameo role in “High School Love On” episode 3 and many other K dramas. He makes Korean cooking look easy and enjoyable!

my little kithcen arirang

Photo Credit: Arirang My Little Kitche


Showbiz Korea with Adrien Lee

showbiz Korea

Photo Credit: Showbiz Korea by Arirang

Simply K Pop

After School Club

Pops in Seoul

You can watch it live or on-demand at http://www.arirang.co.kr/player/onair_tv.asp  You will need to register in order to access some of the shows but it’s free.

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