Earlier this month on December 3rd was the 2014 MAMA Awards, one of the most anticipated annual music awards! This year’s show was personally one of my favorites because of all the outstanding performances. All the performance were like eye candy to me.

First group to talk about is BTS! As a rookie group that debuted last year, they were nominated for Best Male Dance Performance, for their song Boy in Luv, which they performed on the Red Carpet at MAMAs! Sadly, they did not win the award, but I’m still proud of them. At their performance against Block B, did anyone else die of fangirling during BTS Jimin’s performance? I wasn’t expecting that at all!

RIP to Jimin stans and all BTS stans, lol.

Next group, EXO!!! After losing 2 members this year, Luhan and Kris, they have went through many downfalls this year, but they are still going strong. EXO FIGHTING! By the way, when they showed their comeback teaser for 2015, did any of you notice the 2 balls left in the maze?

Clearly, they are trying to show that the two the left, are stuck in the maze, not being able to move freely unlike the other 10 balls. According to some fans, they said “it should be the other way around, with 2 balls out of the maze and 1o restricted and unable to move freely.”While the comeback teaser itself was supposed to be the main point, it seems as if this is bigger than the teaser itself.

Moving on, here is the list of winners of MAMA 2014:

  • Best Asian Style: EXO
  • Best New Artist: WINNER
  • Best Dance Performance: Sunmi – “Full Moon”
  • Best Collaboration Award: Soyu & Jungigo – “Some”
  • Style in Music: Jung Joon Young
  • Best Female Group: SISTAR
  • Best Male Group: EXO
  • International Favorite Artist: John Legend
  • Best OST: Lyn – “You Are My Destiny” from “Man From The Stars”
  • Best Vocal Performance Female: Ailee – “Singing Got Better”
  • Best Vocal Performance Male: Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips”
  • Best Band Performance: CNBLUE
  • KPOP Fan’s Choice Male: Infinite
  • Best Female Artist: IU
  • Best Male Artist: Taeyang
  • Artist of the Year in Asia: EXO
  • KPOP Fan’s Choice Female: TaeTiSeo
  • Best Dance Performance Male: Infinite
  • Best Dance Performance Female: Girl’s Day
  • Best Rap Performance: Epik High
  • Best Music Video: 2PM – “Go Crazy”
  • The Most Popular Vocalist: IU
  • Song of the Year: Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips”
  • Album of the Year: EXO – “Overdose”

Congratulations to all the winners, you deserved it!

Question of Today: What was your favorite MAMA perfomance?
My Answer: BTS vs. Block B 🙂


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