Not all flat brow pencils are created equal.

My Korean Beauty Product of the Day is: Enprani Delicate Defining Eyebrow

It acts as a brush and pencil in one easy step! The other end has a brush to groom the brows (top of the pic) and that’s a bonus. The revolutionary shape of this eyebrow pencil made it easier to put on a more natural eyebrow makeup and shape my brows more accurately. Aside from its shape, I also like that this pencil is neither too hard or too soft. Just enough to help me do the job.

The box comes with one pencil and another extra pencil replacement. Honestly I don’t know how to put on an eyebrow makeup until I got a hold of this pencil. The flat brow pencil made it easier for me to shape and fix my eyebrows (see bottom of the pencil in the picture).

Enprani Delicate Defining Eyebrow

I bought my pencil from a local Korean cosmetic makeup in our neighborhood and it’s also available on Amazon Here

One of the models for this brand is Park Shin-hye (The Heirs, Heartstrings, You’re Beautiful)

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