Gimbap is a popular Korean dish made from steamed white rice (bap) and various other ingredients, rolled in gim (sheets of dried laver seaweed) and served in bite-size slices similar to sushi. Gimbap is often eaten during picnics or outdoor events, or as a light lunch, served with kimchi.


■ Main Ingredients
400g rice, dried seaweed, 100g ground beef, pickled radish, 1/2 carrot, 1 cucumber, 2 eggs, 2TS soy sauce, 2TS sugar, 1/2TS ground garlic, 2TS sesame oil, 2TS vinegar, pepper, salt, sesame seeds

Optional sauce: Soy Sauce and wasabi

■ Recipe
1. Season freshly steamed rice with sesame oil, salt, and vinegar.
2. Season ground beef with soy sauce, sugar, diced garlic, sesame oil, and pepper.
3. Hollow and slice cucumbers. Add salt and let sit. Cut into long slices.
5. Slice and stir-fry carrots with sesame oil.
6. Pat dry cucumbers with paper towel.
7. Salt and beat an egg. Use a small pan to fry it thick and slice into long pieces.
8. Cut pickled radish into long slices.
9. Stir-fry beef with sesame oil.
10. Put a thin, even layer of rice on top of dried seaweed.
12. Add ground beef, pickled radish, carrot, cucumber, and egg.
13. Roll carefully and slice thick with a sharp knife (because if you slice it thin, it may crumble. The knife has to be sharp so you can slice it easily in one dash).

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