The majority of Korean Dramas has a love triangle in it wherein two cute guys fighting for one average girl. Sometimes, the ‘second lead’ (guy) can be cuter than the main lead (guy)  or equally rich or powerful.  That’s why if you’ve been watching Korean dramas for a while now, I bet you know what I mean by suffering from the “Second Lead Syndrome”.  It is when you fall for the second lead rather than the main lead and can’t accept that your bet was just “friendzoned!

Here are some of the popular second lead actors you’d wish to be your boyfriend!

10.  Hwang Sung-yeol, High School Love On

infinite high school love on

Photo Credit: High School Love On

9.  Jung Il-Woo, The Moon Embracing the Sun

Jung Il-Woo moon embracing the sun

Photo Credit: Moon Embracing the Sun

8. Kang Kyung-joon, Big


Photo Credit: Big

7. Kang Woo, Master Sun

kang woo master sun

Photo Credit: Master Sun

6.  Jeremy, You’re Beautiful

jeremy you're beautiful

Photo Credit: You’re Beautiful

5.  Choi Young-Do, The Heirs

the-heirs Choi Young-Do

Photo Credit: The Heirs

4.  Kang Shin Woo, You’re Beautiful

shinwoo you're beautiful

Photo Credit: You’re Beautiful

3.  Jung Sun-woo, Monstar

kang ha neul

Photo Credit: Monstar

2.  Moon Jae-Sin, Sungkyunkwan Scandal.


Photo Credit: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

1.  Yoon JiHoo, Boys Over Flowers

jihoo boys over flowers

Photo Credit: Boys Over Flowers

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