Every Korean drama has its own villain. You may hate them, you may like them. But you can never ignore them. Most especially if they are too fashionable it hurts! Here are some of the famous fashionable villains in popular Korean dramas in no particular order. Use the comment below to mention your favorite or add anyone in the list!

1. Hong Se-na, Rooftop Prince. The evil sister and crowned princess.

Sena rooftop prince

Photo Credit: Rooftop Prince

2. Gu Jun-pyo, Boys Over Flowers. The villain and male lead in one character.

Gu Joon Pyo villain

Photo Credit: Boys Over Flowers

3. Seo Yoon-joo, Cheongdamdong Alice. The original Alice in Cheaongdamdong Alice.

Yi-Hyun Cheongdamdong alice

Photo Credit: http://eng.ajunews.com/view/20130128000469

4. Jang Ma-ri, Big. She wasn’t exactly a villain but was set to steal the male lead in the beginning.

bae suzy big korean drama

Photo Credit: Big

5. Moon Bong-hong, Secret Garden. The rich mother villain in the drama.

secret garden villain mother

Photo Credit: Secret Garden

6. Jo Soon-Hee, Fashion King. President of Boutique Jo. She wasn’t the main villain in the drama but one of the antagonists to the main character.

fashion king korean drama villain

Photo Credit: Fashion King

7. Na Mi-Rae, Marry Him if You Dare. Na Mi-Rae in 2043. She wasn’t really a villain neither a fairy to the lead characters. I still count her as a villain to the main characters. This woman has lots of great outfit for her age! Love her outfits most especially her coats!

na mi rae villain marry him if you dare

Photo Credit: Marry Him if You Dare

korean drama best villain

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