In the spirit of Halloween, here are the top 5 best Korean dramas that are surely spooky!

Can you guess which one made it to the number 1 list?

Make sure to watch number 1! I highly recommended it (don’t watch alone and at night…the first few episodes are spooky but later on, they all turn adorable!).

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Happy Halloween!

5. Who Are You
When Detective Yang Si Ohn is granted the ability to see ghosts, she teams up with skeptical Detective Cha Gun Woo and helps unsettled spirits rest in peace.

4. Arang and the Magistrate
a fantasy/comedy drama about a ghost (Shin Min-A), who was murdered, appears in front of a government official (Lee Joon-Gi) and pleads for the man to punish her murderer. The government official then attempts to grant her wishes and fall in love.

3. Gu Family Book
Suspense/action Korean drama about Choi Kang Chi who was born half-human and half-mythical-creature (or human werefox half-breed) who wanted to live and fall in love like a regular human beings.

2. 49 Days
Lee Yo Won, Jung Il Woo, and Nam Gyu Ri star in this popular romantic comedy about a young bride who gets a second chance at life – by possessing the body of another woman. This is for people who still wants to preserve drama on Halloween.

1. Master Sun

master sun fan art

Photo Credit: Unknown/Image not mine

The best Korean drama in 2013. A woman is able to see ghosts but her life started to change as soon as she meets this man who does not believe in supernaturals.

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